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Berlin: Birth of the LGBTQ+ Movement

Wilhelm Bendow as a female martian in the comedy “Zeppelin 1000 auf dem Mars,” 1929.Tokens from the Eldorado club, Berlin.The Silhouette cabaret in Berlin, where regular Marlene Dietrich learned in 1929 that she had been cast in the lead role of “The Blue Angel.”magnus-hirshfeld-and-friends_Exterior of the Eldorado club, Berlin.Souvenir fan from the Eldorado club.Advertisement for the Eldorado club.Club poster for the Eldorado, where Marlene Dietrich performed, and where customers could buy “chips” to exchange for dances with transvestite hostesses.An advertisement for the “Monokel,” a lesbian bar.Transvestite prostitutes cozy up to gay men in the Berlin gay bar Marienkasin.Transvestites in the Eldorado club, one of the most famous gay clubs in Weimar Berlin.Hansi Sturm, famous female impersonator and winner of the Miss Eldorado transvestite pageant in 1926.A postcard from the gay club Silhouette, which flourished in the late 1920s and early 19302.Gay and lesbian bars in Berlin, all of which were shut down, May 1933. Collage from the anti-Semitic Nazi magazine Der Notschrei.Transvestites at the Eldorado nightclub, Berlin, 1920.