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Cambodia’s First Gay Dance Company

Prumsodun Ok instructs his dancers in the fine points of Khmer classical dance.A dancer of Prumsodun Ok & Natyarasa applies makeup before a show.Dancers from the first all-male Khmer classical dance company.Prumsodun Ok guides the dancers of the first gay Khmer classical dance troupe.Strike a pose--dancers of the first gay Khmer classical dance troupe.Contemporary pop music is used in a piece named “PRM x POP.”Dancers of Prumsodun Ok and NATYARASA.A dancer of Prumsodun Ok and NATYARASA.Dancers of the gay Khmer dance troupe take instruction from Prumsodun Ok.Prumsodun Ok leads the world’s first gay Khmer classical dance troupe.Dancers rehearse the difficult gestures of Khmer classical dance.Prumsodun Ok’s all-male dance troupe allows for provocative interpretation of Khmer classical dance.Men play all the roles in Prumsodun Ok’s Khmer classical dance company.