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Taiwan 1st Asian Nation to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Gay-rights activists hug in celebration at the news that Taiwan’s top court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.Same-sex marriage supporters jubilantly wave rainbow Taiwan flags after the historic court ruling in 2017.Taiwanese supporters of same-sex marriage celebrate the historic court ruling.Taiwan’s high court ruling opens the doors to gay weddings, the first Asian country to do so.Taiwanese gay rights activist waves a rainbow equality flag.Chi Chia-wei, longtime gay rights activist in Taiwan, was one of the petitioners who brought the marriage case to the constitutional court.Taiwan’s high court ruling paves the way for marriage equality, a first in Asia.Both pro-same-sex marriage demonstrators (left) and their opposition (right) demonsrated in Taipei in the years before the court ruling.Chi Chia-wei, a pioneering gay activist, became the first person in Taiwan to come out as gay on national television in 1986.Huang Mei-yu and Yu Ya-ting were married in 2012, although same-sex marriage was not yet recognized, in the first Buddhist same-sex ceremony in the country. Since then, same-sex marriage has gradually gained support in Asia.Thousands of Taiwanese protestors took to the streets in Taipei in 2016 as the high court considered the marriage equality case.An estimated 200,000 to 250,000 supporters of marriage equality gathered in Taipei to encourage the high court to decide in their favor.More than 200,000 protesters marched in the streets of Taipei in the days before the decision, urging the court to legalize same-sex marriage.Two marchers in Taiwan’s 11th LGBT Pride march. Their signs read “I’m proud to be gay; I’m not a sex refugee!”